Hilarious!! Poems by Nyla and Attila lmao


Christmas time can be so happy,

but for some not so much,

sometimes season make us sappy,

but usually happy as such:

We jingle and dance

and have a good time

we laugh and sing

and play and rhyme.

Oh I wonder, yes I do,

what is under the tree?

Don’t you wonder? Don’t you?

What’s under the tree for you and me?

I wish we could peek

Do you want to sneak?

No we mustn’t

Santa doesn’t

….want us to

so don’t be a fool

just be cool

don’t star to drool

over those gifts

they won’t give you a lift

become bad, you’ll star to drift,

you get my drift?

So I chose to be nice,

to not get any coal,

I didn’t even get ice,

and santa didn’t take my soul.

Instead what was under the tree

well let’s just say it made me happy

but I knew that it was just for me,

when it’s ears, so big, were so flappy.


Yeaa I wrote that with Attila in barely any time at all lmao, so hilarious, it was a lot of fun.

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